Cisco/IronPort Extends to Web Security, Data Leak Protection

We were updated recently by IronPort, now part of Cisco:

  • Company says the merger with IronPort is going well.
  • PostX encryption is being added into the product line. (David Ferris note: I'm skeptical on how much value this will add to the product line.)
  • Company says most of its sales are edge spam, virus, and spyware control sold to medium and larger businesses; only around 10% of business is with service providers.
  • Revenues weren't disclosed, but Ferris Research estimates them at around $150 million/year run rate.

A new product, the S-Series appliance, scans for malware in http sessions. It builds on IronPort's reputation services. This is natural, a good idea, and an important competitive strength.

IronPort says the scanning is done in close-to-real time. If so, this is important. Many vendors that have provided malware scanning for email have tripped up when applying their technology to the Web. It's OK to have your email delayed by, say, 30 seconds, while it's scanned. But such delays are not acceptable for Web sessions. The main competitors are Blue Coat and Websense.

... David Ferris

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