Attractive Aspects of AXS-One Archiving

I recently spent some time looking at the latest version, 3.7, of AXS-One's archiving/compliance software. The things I particularly liked are:

  • A rich set of case management tools for use by legal users. Archiving tools have been responding to the demands of e-discovery; they start with search and then gradually add more and more litigation support services. AXS-One illustrates this trend, and the work looks very sound.
  • Environment-specific email administration. For most organizations, email is the most important type of material that's archived. It's nice that Exchange and Notes/Domino administrators can manage archiving through Exchange MMC and Notes UIs, respectively. More general types of archiving administration, for example for files at rest, are done through a Web interface.
  • A granular approach to retention policy. As they age, archived objects can gradually be made less immediately accessible. For example, metadata and properties can gradually be stripped from online stores, providing for lower systems overhead and reduced storage.
  • An architecture designed to handle many types of content, not just email. Automated preservation and legal holds are critical to integrated retention management and destruction, so handling all discoverable data in one place is very attractive.

Does anyone else have comments about things they like about AXS-One? Or things that could be better? If you prefer anonymity, email them directly to me at I will then post them without your name.

... David Ferris

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