Sendmail’s Data Leak Prevention

We were recently updated by Don Massaro, Sendmail's CEO. The firm is evolving a data leak prevention offering. In summary:

  • Embodied as appliance or VMware.
  • Filters email, all main instant messaging protocols, FTP, http.
  • Provides for policy-based monitoring and control at the network boundary.
  • Appliance provides for very high traffic volumes.
  • Also provides MTA; policy-based encryption; and spam, virus, and phishing control.


  • Sendmail is strong at the boundary. It's a household word among a small but important group of people--those who deal with high-volume corporate email systems.
  • With its DLP angle, the company must now build credibility among other types of corporate staff, including legal, HR, and compliance. In part, Sendmail seeks to do this through partnerships with risk management solution providers, such as Archer.
  • Email is clearly the most important vehicle for data leak prevention, and Sendmail should have a strength here. Our sense is that the firm's support for non-email protocols is still at the early stages. There is limited processing of data at rest.
  • Given its strength at the boundary, Sendmail, reasonably enough, wishes to avoid providing technology for desktops and individual corporate messaging servers. However, this does limit its DLP capabilities, such as checking for internal leaks, or leaks on to USB sticks or printouts.
  • We estimate Sendmail revenues at about $25 million annually.

... David Ferris

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