Fortiva’s Hosted Archiving

Here's an update on Fortiva, which offers hosted email archiving:

  • Main service offering is Fortiva Archiving Suite. Email archiving, lots of e-discovery services, storage management. Typical cost is $1-$2/mailbox/month.
  • SmartStore. This is a subset of the Archiving Suite, with more limited e-discovery capabilities. Typically about $1/month.
  • Services mainly aimed at companies with 1,000 mailboxes or more.
  • Privately held; revenues not disclosed. Ferris Research estimates current run rate as $9 million/year.
  • 50% of revenues go through partners. Microsoft Online Services is the largest OEM.
  • Fortiva mainly competes with high-end customer premises email archiving solutions from Symantec, EMC, and CA.

The services have some important competitive strengths:

  • A nice encryption architecture, addressing customers' privacy concerns.
  • High-performance search, using a modern distributed search architecture.
  • Tight integration with the customer's internal systems. In particular, there's tight integration with Active Directory, so users sign on with normal ID and password, and policy definition can use AD groups and distribution lists.

... David Ferris

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