iPhone Attractive for Many Business Travelers

Apple recently announced that the iPhone will support Microsoft Exchange.

The iPhone is significant for business travelers. Its slick interface and excellent form factor are a major attraction, but the storage capacity is particularly remarkable. It can hold 16GB of data files (32GB for the iPod Touch), making it possible to carry thousands of files and years of email.

For business travelers, the iPhone provides cellular phone service (AT&T), Internet access, and email connectivity with Microsoft Exchange. In one small device, business travelers can carry customer quotes, sales reports, sales literature, and presentations, while retaining access to company email, company CRM, and phone and voicemail. When meeting with customers, data can be retrieved in seconds, and files can be shared and presentations can be delivered. Amazing when you consider the small size of the iPhone.

Compared with a traditional laptop, the iPhone lacks a full-size keyboard and decent-size screen. But many traveling business users utilize their machines more for presenting and sharing information that was previously created, and less for report writing and editing. They can get by very well with the iPhone while gone for a two- to three-day business trip.

... David Ferris

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