Lexbe’s Hosted Litigation Support

We've just been learning about Lexbe's hosted litigation support. In brief:

  • Does document review and case analysis. Documents can be in PDF, native email, and MS Office formats, or 100 other formats.
  • Shared case research, case calendars, and other tools.
  • Interestingly, users can build timeline charts/dynamic chronologies; they're automatically maintained.
  • Searches can be enlarged via Thesaurus.
  • Access is via Web interface.
  • Workflows allow for involvement by the client law firm itself as well as its clients.
  • Main focus is to sell to smaller and medium-sized law firms.
  • Priced by case and by amount of storage used. Starts at $79/month for one case and 100MB of ESI.
  • Early stages venture; the company has been going a year. Ferris Research estimates current revenue rate as perhaps $1 million/year.

... David Ferris

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