HP’s Integrated Archive Platform

HP recently gave us an update on its Integrated Achive Platform, formerly known as RISS.

In summary:

  • It always comes bundled with pre-integrated HP hardware.
  • IAP is a core repository that then has interfaces to support a number of data structures.
  • Data structure interfaces include Exchange, Notes/Domino, relational databases, file systems, and print output.
  • Main competitor is EMC Centera hardware with Symantec Vault software.
  • Around 1 to 2 million seats deployed.
  • Scales to 300/400TB.
  • HP encourages third parties to work with IAP and has a reasonable-size ecosystem in this regard.

Striking features include:

  • Unified user and administrator interfaces across various different data structures.
  • Very fast search.
  • Pricing sounds very reasonable. For example, HP says for a typical 10,000-user deployment, it works out to around $5 to $10 per user per year including hardware and support, assuming a three-year amortization.
  • HP says 80% of its customers get by just fine with its search capabilities. If true, that's striking. Usually search systems that work across many data types are valuable at the initial stages of gathering data, but then you need to go into more specific search tools, such as those from Clearwell and Attenex.

We wish we heard more frequently from the IAP team. They're important and have a lower PR profile than they deserve.

... David Ferris

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