Attenex Update

Here's an update on Attenex--one of the leaders in tools that let you sift through a corpus of electronic information to work out what's relevant to a legal matter:

  • Main offering is Attenex Patterns Suite, which accounts for 95% of Attenex's revenues.
  • Patterns Suite lets you take a large group of documents (emails and many different types of files), and then do things like:
    • Show what people are involved, and how and when they worked together.
    • Cluster material by concept.
    • Display material graphically.
    • Tag material with appropriate labels.
    • Search with a wide variety of metadata, including To, From, concepts involved, custodians, and file types.
    • Deduplication.
  • "Snapshot Reviews." These are short professional services engagements where Attenex comes in and uses Patterns to help a case get going quickly.
  • A bundling of Patterns Suite with FTI's Ringtail litigation support package.
  • Company is doing well and growing nicely. Ferris Research estimates revenues at a $25 million annual run rate. Profitable since 2004.
  • Main competitors are:
    • Services: Kroll Ontrack, Iron Mountain/Stratify.
    • Clearwell, MetaLINCS/Seagate.
  • Attenex reckons the main strengths of Patterns are:
    • Scalability.
    • Visual presentation of information.
    • Proven technology.
  • Interface available for Symantec Vault.

... David Ferris

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