Voltage’s Hybrid Encryption Service

We recently talked to Voltage Security, which announced something called "Connected VSN."

VSN is the Voltage Security Network, and it isn't new. It's a hosted service that implements the key management for Voltage-style identity-based encryption (IBE). The idea is that instead of on-premise key management, you centralize the key generation in the cloud. This is similar to the architecture used by Identum (now part of Trend Micro). It's the "Connected" part that's new.

There's a class of customer that wants to do outbound encryption at the gateway--possibly driven by local policy--but doesn't want to provide the decryption service to nonlocal users. This type of hybrid architecture is what Connected VSN is for.

The sender has an on-premise Voltage appliance that manages keys and performs outbound encryption. Recipients then use the VSN service hosted by Voltage to decrypt the message.

... Richi Jennings

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