Zantaz Layoffs

This was sent to me anonymously. However, it seems reliable and well-founded.

"Zantaz had a couple more layoffs this year across multiple departments such as QA, engineering and services. People also have been leaving voluntarily at all levels from Boston and Pleasanton office. More people will leave, especially from the Boston office as they have been overworked and some are "forced" to work over 80+ hrs a week without additional compensation. Annual performance review has been eliminated, some say to ensure that employees will not receive compensation adjustments."


  • The recent acquisition of Zantaz by Autonomy is proving painful for many people.
  • There appears to be a culture conflict between Autonomy and Zantaz.
  • Zantaz developed quite a strong channel. Autonomy appears to have little interest in this.

... David Ferris

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  1. Steve
    Posted April 20, 2008 at 8:18 AM | Permalink

    There is always the under current of a rumor mill. These rumor mills often lack the facts. Sadly, this is very much the case with the above posting.

    ZANTAZ (or “Autonomy ZANTAZ” as it is now known) has enjoyed record growth of revenues and profits since being acquired by Autonomy. There is a faster pace, sound accountability and a “can do” attitude that, frankly, didn’t seem to exist before the acquisition.

    Each of the product areas have achieved premier status in their given markets as lauded by Forrester and Gartner (this is a first for ZANTAZ). This has come about through the teaming of the ZANTAZ and Autonomy development groups and the integration of the IDOL technology. I can think of multiple instances where customers have told us that there is a refreshing new level of execution in the company that just didn’t exist before.

    Autonomy DOES give merit increases. However, it doesn’t view them an entitlement—so it doesn’t happen on a set date of the year for every employee. Rather, as employees have achieved great things, going beyond the call, they’ve receive salary increases or bonuses or stock options. In fact, the majority of employees at ZANTAZ have received such a merit increase and those increases are greater than the ones given by ZANTAZ last year when it was a stand alone company.

    Autonomy doesn’t have layoffs. It will, from time to time, weed out it’s lower performers or move important projects to more capable groups within the company.

    It is true that the new Autonomy ZANTAZ has a different culture. Most, however, are flourishing in the increased activity, intense focus on better servicing the customer, the expectation of excellence and the absolute rejection of mediocrity. Those that don’t like the new esprit de corps have left.

  2. Andy Spence
    Posted April 26, 2008 at 8:44 AM | Permalink

    Looks like despite the response from Steve all may not be as rosie as he would have us believe.

  3. The Inside Man
    Posted November 3, 2008 at 9:25 AM | Permalink

    I wonder how EAS customers feel when they call the support line and the actual customer knows more about EAS than the “EAS Technical Support”
    I believe that Autonomy thought that by training 5 people in 4 days in Calgery and getting rid of Key people in Ottawa Old people who understand EAS was going to work out.

    Since all Zantaz workers are going to Mimosa Maybe the customers should too..

    Good luck EAS Customers.. this is what you hear now…

    EAS Customer Support:
    Let’s see the “issue”(they cant say problem)you have.
    well we will simulate your issue and get back at you (they never do)
    2 weeks later.. we are waiting on engineering.
    2 months later…we’ve open a bug track and this issue will be resolve in a later version …

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