Sending Large Attachments with Exchange

Attachments are one of the reasons for Exchange storage growth. People use Exchange email to send files to co-workers and customers, and depending on the file content (e.g., text, pictures, audio, video), these files can be quite large. Files in the 30MB-50MB range are becoming common. This causes rapid Exchange store growth and strains Exchange resources.

An alternative exists for sending files and it comes free of charge. These companies provide free online services for file delivery:

There are other such services, and these are typical of the digital content delivery solutions available online. I tried YouSendIt and was able to send a large 7MB PowerPoint file to my email account in just minutes. The process was simple, fast, and free of charge. The other services appear to provide the same ease of use and performance.

These services can help when users need to send attachments that exceed Exchange send/receive limits. By default, these are 10MB. Rather than remove or extend the limits, users can take advantage of one of the online delivery solutions. In the long run, Exchange needs greater storage capacity. In the mean time, this approach satisfies users' business needs without sacrificing Exchange performance.

... Bob Spurzem

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