Tools to Manage Email Overload

You're probably flooded with inbound emails. Managing thousands of emails is time consuming, error prone and extremely frustrating. Plus it diverts you from more important tasks. Two new tools aim to make life easier.

The first is ClearContext. Its product is named Information Management System (IMS). This is an Outlook add-on that analyzes a user's email to determine the importance of messages and contacts. A clever color scheme is used to prioritize incoming messages and organize messages into easy to manage projects. For example, a message from a sender to whom a user responds quickly is deemed critical and marked in red.

The second is Xobni. Its product is Xobni (Inbox spelled backwards). This is an Outlook add-on that includes a fully indexed high-speed search and organizes email based on conversations. Xobni's analytics capture email history and display a list of parties involved and provide information about the sender. Xobni also adds a tab to Outlook's interface and provides reports about email frequency to response times and actions taken.

If you're suffering from mail overload, we recommend you take a look at these new products.

... Bob Spurzem

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