Splunk: Useful Compliance and ED Tool

Splunk won "Best of Interop" in the Network Management, Software, and Services category. With more than 450 enterprise customers and a lot of momentum, this is a company to watch.

Splunk brands itself as "IT Search" with the ability to search log files, configuration files, messages, traps, alerts, scripts, and metrics. Essentially it seems to be focused on search targeted at the IT administrator and related staff.

This kind of technology is very important from a compliance perspective. Organizations that need to prove who accessed a file must go to logs to find that data. Companies tasked with legal discovery need to present logs that support their case. And organizations interested in simply finding out what is going on in their IT infrastructure must go to logs--or reports based on those logs--for an accurate representation of what’s happening.

Probably why Splunk was a slam dunk for the award at Interop.

... David Sengupta

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