Dimdim Web Conferencing Gets High Marks

Web conferencing is a valuable Internet technology that allows users to connect globally, sharing files, presentations, and any software running on the desktop. Major players in this market are WebEx (recently purchased by Cisco), Microsoft LiveMeeting, and Citrix GoToMeeting. WebEx, LiveMeeting, and GoToMeeting are fee-based services sold to enterprises.

Now a new company, Dimdim, is offering a free Web conferencing product. Dimdim's new product offers an attractive price (free!), advanced features for sharing presentations and desktops, as well as built-in VoIP communication and video streaming. I gave Dimdim a quick trial run and found it very easy to use, and the performance was excellent.

The Dimdim offering is significant because it makes a sophisticated communication tool available to everyone. Now organizations and individuals can enjoy the benefits of effective global communication without leaving their home or office.

Sounds like another technology to help keep planet Earth green. I wonder if Al Gore has tried it?

... Bob Spurzem

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