Archiving Products Survey

(Survey Now Closed)

We are doing a survey of users of archiving products (e.g., EMC Legato, Symantec Vault, Zantaz/Autonomy), to see how good the products are in practice. We'll use the information to produce a Consumer Reports-style comparative assessment.

If you are using an electronic archiving product or service and would like to participate, please go to (survey now closed). The survey takes about five minutes to complete. We ask you to score the product in areas such as:

  • E-discovery support
  • Storage management features
  • Support for laws/regulations/policy compliance
  • Scalability
  • Quality of vendor support
  • Overall value for money

In return, we will send you a summary of the results.

This is an ongoing survey. Because there are about 15 products under evaluation, we're seeking ultimately to gather several thousand responses.

... David Ferris

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