Alt-N’s Security Gateway

Alt-N has just released its SecurityGateway. In summary:

  • Anti-virus, anti-spam, phishing control, etc.
  • Also filters outgoing email for customer-defined policy compliance.
  • Works with Exchange and any SMTP messaging server.
  • Runs under Windows on customer-supplied server.
  • Typical customers will have 50 to 250 mailboxes; the product scales to 5,000+ mailboxes.
  • Pricing starts at $595 for 10 users; for 250 users the cost is $2,640.
  • Strong user self-management features; strong administrator reporting and analysis tools; intuitive, task-oriented GUI and drill-down.


  • This is a new spam/virus control offering in a crowded field. But it's worth a look and may well build a dedicated following.
  • SecurityGateway is a version of Alt-N's MDaemon. MDaemon is one of the most popular and well-proven Windows-based SMTP gateways among small and medium-sized organizations.
  • Underlying architecture looks good. Alt-N has a track record of delivering high-quality software.
  • Alt-N doesn't have high PR visibility. Nevertheless, it's a leader in the field of Windows- and standards-based messaging.
  • Alt-N is financially healthy and stable.

... David Ferris

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