Thoughts on Exchange Online

Microsoft is making big claims around its Exchange Online initiatives. Senior Vice President Chris Capossela recently predicted that by mid-2013, half of all Exchange mailboxes will be hosted on Microsoft's Exchange Online. Chris points out that many of these will move from Notes. Chris's prediction suggests around 150 million mailboxes will be on Exchange Online in five years.

At least Chris was specific in his prediction. I asked Steve Ballmer a few weeks ago how large he envisioned Microsoft's Exchange Online business would be by mid-2011 and his response was simply "greater than a million, and … less than 100 million …. (with the inflection point or "hockey stick" starting) two to three years from now." He was purposely vague since press were in the room.

Clearly, Microsoft is serious about hosting your email. If you're evaluating the offering, good questions include:

  • Do you trust Microsoft with data in your email system?
  • How well will Microsoft deliver on service-level agreements (SLAs), and will the SLAs provided be sufficient?
  • How easy will the on-boarding, co-existence, and migration processes be?
  • How good will customer support be?
  • How will Microsoft address BlackBerry integration?
  • How will de-provisioning work if you want to terminate the agreement?
  • If you've got Software Assurance, how will licensing work?

Are there other factors that you wonder about? Would your company consider Exchange Online? Is Microsoft's head in the clouds? We’d love to see your comments.

.... David Sengupta

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