Bizanga IMP 3.5: Scalable Email Appliance for ISPs

We recently talked to Bizanga, maker of email boundary appliances for service providers. Bizanga's Intelligent Message Processor (IMP) products are based on hardware from IBM, HP, and Sun, and used by organizations such as Cox Communications. IMP lets service providers slot in their preferred options for spam control, malware control, encryption, archiving, certification, and authentication.

Bizanga has an interesting twist on email hygiene. Like Cisco/IronPort's offering, IMP uses a custom operating system -- as opposed to the usual Linux or BSD Unix. Unlike IronPort, it offers customers a wide choice of third-party engines, from vendors such as Cloudmark, Commtouch, Goodmail, Kaspersky, McAfee, Zimbra, etc.

Bizanga says its new version 3.5 scales to support one million consumer users. That implies it can cope with about 100 million incoming SMTP connections per day, peaking at several thousand per second. Impressive.

(Of course, Bizanga's Intelligent Message Processor is not to be confused with the ARPANET's first routers, which were known as Interface Message Processors.)

... Richi Jennings

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