Imanami DL Management for Exchange

Managing Exchange distribution lists starts to get burdensome at about 250 mailboxes. By 10,000 mailboxes, it gets really painful. For example:

  • You end up with lots of old, unused DLs that nobody knows anything about.
  • People have a hard time getting off old DLs.
  • Plenty of time must be spent managing the moves and changes.

One solution is to build your own management code. Another, usually better, is to buy a packaged product. A few options are available, and one that should be considered is Imanami's SmartDL. Features include:

  • Works with Exchange.
  • Synchronization tools with third-party databases of record--normally HR databases.
  • Automatic rules to maintain the groups. For example, when someone joins the organization, they are automatically put into specified DLs; when they change position, they are automatically dropped from various DLs and added to others.
  • A self-service portal for users.

Sounds like Imanami is doing well in this highly specialized niche.

... David Ferris

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