CaseCentral, E-Discovery Vendor

CaseCentral offers a hosted service that helps companies and law firms manage litigation cases.

In summary:

  • Company historically sells to law firms; now it also has a focus on selling direct to corporate IT and in-house counsel.
  • CaseCentral provides immediate access to previously collected ESI for early case assessment, and culls/processes down applicable data for efficient review, leveraging repeatable work flow templates.
  • Focus is on handling the case once relevant evidence is gathered and in presentable shape. For example, the service provides for:
    • Concurrent access to same document by many different people on different cases.
    • Access by many different people from many different legal teams for many cases.
    • Appropriate controls--people see only ESI and metadata that's relevant to them.
    • Spotting missed deadlines.
    • Identifying most- and least-efficient review lawyers.
    • Repeated processes; e.g., use of standard letters.
  • Profitable; Ferris Research estimate calendar 2007 revenues at $22 million.
  • Today, 65% of income is from SaaS; goal is to increase that to 75% by 2010.
  • Competitors include Kroll Ontrack, Lexis/Nexis.
  • Company feels its main competitive strengths are:
    • Multi-tenant scalability: can handle very large cases, and many thousands of concurrent cases, with many thousands of people involved.
    • Handling of metadata. For example, many lawyers can mark up a document in different ways (one with comments, another with a bubble, another does some redaction, say), but each lawyer only sees the changes relevant to them.
    • Process analytics that let you see in real time who’s most efficient and effective, across all matters and parties.

... David Ferris

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