Bizanga Update

There's a specialized world of vendors that sell messaging software to service providers. We recently visited Bizanga, one of the newer players in that field.

In summary:

  • Company sells software that provides a variety of services. The most important are spam control and malware control; after that come encryption, archiving, certification, and authentication.
  • Main competition is Cisco/IronPort, Message Systems, and Openwave. Secondary competition includes Critical Path and Mirapoint.
  • Main strengths/differentiating features are:
    • Company sells a platform for applications. The customers decide what spam control, malware control, etc., solutions they want. With competitors, you have just one choice or a very limited choice.
    • Very high scalability.
    • A lot of reporting and monitoring information on the system.
  • Very respectable client list, including Comcast, Cox, Telofonica, and Cegetel.
  • 2008 revenues are expected to triple over 2007; 2007 revenues were triple those of 2006.
  • Company is profitable; level not disclosed. Ferris Research estimates these as marginal due to reinvestment in growth.
  • Revenues not disclosed; Ferris Research estimates them at a run rate of $12 million annually.
  • Overall assessment: Company is well run and doing well.

... David Ferris

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