Why Customers Don’t Move to Exchange 2007 Overnight

Given that Exchange 2007 was released more than a year ago and is a stable product, you might think everyone has already moved to it. In fact, organizations have a number of reasons for postponing the move. Samples of what I hear are:

  • My current Exchange 2003 system is working fine.
  • The new Exchange 2007 requires new server and storage hardware and I do not have the budget.
  • The old Exchange is easy to operate and I do not have the time to master the new PowerShell commands.
  • My current PST situation is a mess, but Exchange 2007 offers nothing to help.
  • User mailboxes continue to grow, but moving to Exchange 2007 will only make matters worse.
  • I am too busy with other more pressing projects.
  • I am going to wait for the next version of Exchange and skip the 2007 release.
  • I am considering switching to an online email service such as Exchange Online.

If you are considering moving to Exchange 2007 and have not yet made the move, we would love to hear your reasons why.

... Bob Spurzem

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