Microsoft Pushes for Exchange Online

In a 5/16/08 Reuters interview, Microsoft Senior Vice President Chris Capossela said that he expects more and more companies to abandon their in-house messaging systems and shift to "cloud computing" as a less expensive alternative. Capossela made the claim that, "in five years 50 percent of our Exchange mailboxes will be Exchange Online." Considering this accounts for over 150 million mailboxes, that is a very significant claim.

A shift of this magnitude will have a ripple effect over the industry. First, it will impact the job demands for Exchange Administrators. As more and more companies pull the plug on their Exchange Servers, the demand for administrators will decrease. Second, it will impact the entire food chain of resellers, system integrators, and third-party vendors who supply software and services to support in-house Exchange. And finally, it will directly compete with existing Exchange hosting providers with a much lower cost of goods.

We can only speculate why Microsoft would make such a dramatic change to its existing Exchange business. Perhaps it is in response to competition by Google Gmail. Or maybe this is just part of a major IT shift to cloud computing. No matter what the reason is, it is a clear sign that the role of in-house IT is changing.

... Bob Spurzem

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