Intradyn Email Archiving

Intradyn is an email archiving vendor. Here’s a quick summary: Sells two products: Orca Email Archiver, aimed at organizations with up to about 500 employees. The active archive is not expandable beyond hard disk capacity (.5GB & 1TB), except you can offload older emails to tape and retain metadata searchable in the archive. Compliance Vault, […]... read more »

Hard to Filter Out Porn Images

It’s hard to filter out pornographic images. Clearswift is an early player in this field, and probably offers one of the best filters, which it calls ImageManager. As a practical matter, ImageManager catches about 80% or so of porn images. The problem is that things like kitchen cabinets can be hard to differentiate from a […]... read more »

Podmailing: The Web Service to Send Several Giga-Bytes of Data by Email Official Launch in the US

Podmailing Launches in the US to Transfer Large Files by Email Faster With P2P and a Centralized Scalable Infrastructure... read more »

MTM Technologies Awarded U.S. Army Enterprise Contract to Provide Data-at-Rest Encryption Solution

Mobile Armor Software to provide the data encryption standard for an estimated 850,000 US Army personnel including all Active Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Civilian Workforce, Army Contractor and Joint Organizations where Army is the Executive Agen... read more »

Manteca Unified School District Chooses Mimosa Content Archiving Solution for Rapid Information Discovery, Retention, Protection and Recovery

PST Archiving Feature Proves Invaluable to Enterprise-size School System... read more »

Colibria makes rich communication a reality with new SIP messaging solution

read more »

Autonomy Provides Infrastructure for Majority of Data Loss Prevention Market Leaders

Eight Leading DLP Vendors Use Autonomy for Enhanced Analytical Capabilities... read more »

MessageLabs Launches Email Continuity Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) provider offers on-demand, fully managed solution for continuous email availability and disaster recovery... read more »