Intradyn Email Archiving

Intradyn is an email archiving vendor. Here's a quick summary:

  • Sells two products:
    • Orca Email Archiver, aimed at organizations with up to about 500 employees. The active archive is not expandable beyond hard disk capacity (.5GB & 1TB), except you can offload older emails to tape and retain metadata searchable in the archive.
    • Compliance Vault, aimed at organizations with 500 to 5,000+ employees. Can expand the active archive (70+TB) and processing power, RAM, etc., by adding xSeries clustered storage (shipping Q3 2008).
  • Both are delivered as appliance.
  • Main focus is email archiving; some instant messaging support provided.
  • 75% of business is through OEMs such as Mirapoint, Secure Computing, and Tangent; 25% of business is direct.
  • Financials not disclosed. Ferris Research estimates revenues at $5 million annually. CEO Brent Bowlby says revenues are growing at 100% annually.
  • Competitors include Mimosa, Symantec, and sometimes ArcMail and Barracuda.

Strengths include:

  • Works with many email systems: Exchange, Notes/Domino, GroupWise, pure POP/IMAP, etc.
  • Outlook plugin provides very natural end-user experience. Includes tools for Exchange PST file migration and also restores back to message store.
  • Support for Japanese characters; Korean and Chinese soon to be available.
  • Use of Sony's distribution channel.
  • Attachment de-duplication; reduces the message store by about 80%.
  • Can quickly bring on new OEM; experience in providing OEM support.

... David Ferris

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