RPost Speeds Contract Fulfillment

RPost has an interesting e-contracting service:

  • Getting contracts signed is a big pain. You email documents, the recipients have to print them, maybe they don't have a printer handy, then they sign the document, post it back, or they scan it and email it back, and things get lost sometimes, etc. It all takes elapsed time and there's the cost of the people doing the shuffling.
  • RPost's system lets the sales rep email the contract, which is then digitally signed by the recipient in a one-click sign-off process that does not require the recipient to visit any Web sites or install any software. Normally this is done during the sales rep/customer conversation; if not, it's done within say 5 or 10 minutes of the end of the conversation.
  • The system provides verifiable evidence of the signing, including content associated with the e-signature.
  • The sender simply needs the RPost plug-in for Outlook, Lotus, or to set his/her mailer configuration. The recipient needs nothing--and can even sign off by email received in a BlackBerry or Pocket PC.

Cox Business uses RPost. It handles about 10,000 contracts per month. Use of RPost for e-signature/e-contracting takes days off the sales cycle, allowing faster revenue accruals, plus saving on the cost of staff time handling the contract sign-off process.

... David Ferris

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