DLP: Users Need Help With Policy Definition

Anybody can put together simple data leak prevention policies, like filtering out any 10-digit phone numbers, or anything with a set of sensitivity words like "Confidential."

However, many policies turn out to need a lot of thought in order to define them, so that:

  • You catch most of the stuff you want to (i.e., high catch rate).
  • You don't catch a lot of the stuff you shouldn't be catching (i.e., few false positives).

With today's technology, most user organizations want help in defining their DLP policies. It doesn't matter if you're a very big organization, with loads of well-paid and expensive people. The focused experience of the vendor concerned usually comes in handy.

In short: It's a good idea to anticipate getting your DLP vendor's help with policy definition, and check that the vendor is set up to give you the support you'll need.

... David Ferris

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