Hosted Archiving Service From LiveOffice

LiveOffice specializes in messaging compliance solutions for financial services. The company has had success in this niche, and is now moving to provide services to the world outside of financial services.

It recently launched LiveOffice Mail Archive, a hosted email archiving offering. In summary:

  • Provides archiving, e-discovery, and compliance services.
  • Aimed at small to medium-sized firms concerned about compliance; e.g., education, local government, law firms, construction firms.
  • Works with Exchange.
  • Pure hosted solution, no on-premises appliance, works through Exchange journaling.
  • User access via a Web browser.
  • List pricing is $5 to $8/user/month, regardless of how much email and how long kept. Volume discounts apply.
  • Main competition among hosted options are probably Google/Postini, Microsoft/Frontbridge, Fortiva, and MessageOne.
  • LiveOffice thinks its competitive strengths compared with other hosted archiving solutions include:
    • Pure hosted offering, nothing on-site.
    • User interface designed to be very attractive to the midmarket.
    • Strong search.
    • Automated searches that check for policy compliance conflicts.

... David Ferris

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