McAfee Update

McAfee has a successful virus control business, over $1B/year in revenues. The firm has made various investments in other types of content control over the last five years. Now it's placing major emphasis on its efforts.

Summarizing the technology:

  • Provides:
    • Virus and malware control.
    • Spam control.
    • Phishing and spyware control.
    • Surf control/URL filtering.
    • Malicious Web site protection.
    • Data leak prevention and compliance control via user-defined policies.
  • These control technologies work over email and http.
  • They are embodied in appliances that come in various names and form factors.
  • Competitors include Cisco/IronPort, Proofpoint, and Barracuda.
  • McAfee feels its major strengths include:
    • Best-of-breed functionality in individual control areas; e.g., spam control.
    • Well-integrated Web and email support.
    • Inexpensive pricing. Flat pricing per box; no per-user fees.

... David Ferris

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