Socialtext Adds Spreadsheet to Wiki Socialtext Wiki Gets Built-In Spreadsheets

Leading commercial wiki vendor Socialtext has just added spreadsheet support. This is a very interesting development and substantially enhances the value of a wiki. For example: Spreadsheets are used as a convenient tool for many nonfinancial applications, such as simple databases and presentation graphics. Multiple people can work on the same spreadsheet. Among other things, […]... read more »

Titus Labs Classification: Update

The correct classification of certain types of electronically stored information (ESI) is important. It’s a big help with things like: Information retrieval, access control, and retention/deletion. Compliance and policy enforcement. Data security: to prevent inadvertent disclosure and trigger encryption. Protection of intellectual property. Ideally, ESI is automatically classified. However, this is often unreliable, and manual […]... read more »

Synchronica Mobile Gateway Wins Best Mobile Solution Award of Network Products Guide Reader Trust

Synchronica Mobile Gateway Selected as 2008 Best Products and Services Winner in Mobile Solutions... read more »

Mozilla launches Snowl messaging prototype

Mozilla has launched a prototype messaging Firefox extension that it says could eventually enable users to keep track of all of their electronic communications, including email, RSS, social networks and web discussions... read more »

IBM Embedded Software Gives AT&T and Sprint Customers Access to Lotus E-mail

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