GFI’s Email Archiving: Snapshot

GFI sells a variety of tools, one of which is MailArchiver for Exchange.

Summary of Capabilities

  • Customer-installed archiving for MS Exchange.
  • Available since December 2004.

Illustrative Pricing

  • $324 for 25 seats; $1,296 for 200 seats; $4,320 for 500 seats; $3,780 for 1,000 seats.
  • After first year, maintenance is 20% of purchase price.
  • For details, go here.

Main Types of Prospective Customer

  • U.S. and U.K.: Customers mainly driven by compliance and legal discovery.
  • Rest of world: Storage management is the driver; mailbox size reduction and better performance.
  • U.S. is getting a lot of interest from schools.
  • Typical customer has 200 to 250 seats.
  • H250 customers with over 1,000 seats; about 30 of them have 5,000+ seats.
  • Also many small customers with 50 or so seats.


Competitive Strengths as Perceived by Company

  • Reasonable functionality for extremely competitive price.
  • Much easier to install and maintain than Symantec.
  • Strong multilanguage support.


  • Ferris Research estimates current revenues at about $10M annually for GFI's archiving products.
  • GFI as a whole did $60M in calendar 2007.


  • Hosted archiving: Very easy to install and cheap to operate.
  • Product's focus is on email; it will need to add support for other types of information, whether in motion or at rest.

Miscellaneous Comments

  • V6, out in September 2008, will have Outlook support via a plug-in. Hitherto, archive access has been via a Web browser.

... David Ferris

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