Proofpoint Buys Fortiva

On June 24, 2008, Proofpoint announced it bought Fortiva.

Proofpoint background:

  • Technology mainly provides:
    • Email-based spam, phishing, and virus control, and policy-based encryption.
    • Filtering of outbound information to prevent data leaks. This covers many types of content, including email and attachments, webmail, files, FTP, instant messaging, and blog postings.
  • Embodied as customer-premises software, customer-premises appliance, SaaS.
  • Majority of products have the same code base across customer-premises software, customer-premises appliance, customer-premises virtual device, SaaS.

Fortiva background:

  • Main service offering is Fortiva Archiving Suite. Email archiving, lots of e-discovery services, storage management.
  • Company also offers SmartStore. This is a subset of the Archiving Suite, with more limited e-discovery capabilities.

Terms not disclosed. Ferris Research estimates a $12M deal.

For a detailed analysis of this transaction, see our report, Proofpoint Buys Fortiva: Transaction Assessment.

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