Return Path Buys Habeas

On August 12, 2008, Return Path announced it will buy Habeas.

What Return Path and Habeas do:

  • Return Path and Habeas offer technology and consulting to help 1) Senders of email maximize the chance that their emails get through spam filters; and 2) ISPs and other service providers improve their abilities to catch spam.
  • The core of this business is the maintenance of a database of electronic addresses of senders that are very likely to be sending bona fide email--known as a "whitelist" or "safelist."
  • Both organizations also offer delivery monitoring (determining how much email actually gets through to inboxes and gets read), scoring (evaluating an email on its likelihood to get treated as spam), and rendering services (making sure emails appear to recipients the way the sender wants them to appear).

Price not disclosed. Cash deal, Ferris Research estimates at $1M

For a detailed analysis of this transaction, see our report, Return Path Buys Habeas: Transaction Assessment.

Got Additional Information?

Contact David Ferris at +1 (415) 367-3436, or Unless you indicate otherwise, we'll assume all communications are confidential. In return, we will let you have a copy of our detailed analysis of this transaction.

... David Ferris

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