Dimension Data: Integration of Microsoft OCS and IP Telephony

Dimension Data is a $3.7B systems integrator. It has a major international presence (40+ countries and 10,600 staff) and has built much of its success implementing and running Cisco-based IP telephony. In short, it knows a lot about modern telephony.

Over the last few years, it has been building expertise around Microsoft OCS. The company is now offering implementation and support services for organizations that want to build a rich set of Microsoft-centric presence-based services, principally telephony, instant messaging, and conferencing.

The timing's good for such an offering, and Dimension Data's background in IP telephony helps to make it an attractive player.

The primary competition is BT INS and HP's Exchange integration practice. Dimension Data believes its main competitive strengths are:

  • Depth in complex voice systems
  • Skill in deploying Microsoft's OCS-centric technology and its integration with IP and traditional telephony
  • Successful project outcomes
  • Agility and flexibility

Dimension Data is also a nice example of globalization, and how an organization outside the United States can be world class -- its HQ is in South Africa.

... David Ferris

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