BizCom: Hosted Exchange/OCS/SharePoint

BizCom has a new hosted Exchange/OCS/SharePoint offering.

Summary of Capabilities

  • Hosted email, instant messaging, teamspace using Microsoft Exchange/OCS/SharePoint.
  • Also provides integrated archiving, BlackBerry/Goodmail support.
  • Available since July 2007.
  • Based on Microsoft's code.

Illustrative Pricing

  • $10 to $15/user/month for Exchange.
  • $9.95/user/month for BlackBerry.
  • Current promotional offer: archiving plus 500MB storage for $19.95/user/month; normally would be $25/month.

Main Types of Prospective Customer

Company expects growth to be driven by archiving and compliance, as follows:

  • Companies with 10 to 50 POP accounts, who want the richer Microsoft set of services (shared calendar, mobile support, etc.).
  • Firms with on-premises messaging solutions that are currently not in compliance with major regulations, and are concerned about such lack of compliance.
  • Very small businesses with up to 10 employees, using ISP/ASP mailboxes; e.g.,, joe.smith at


Competitive Strengths as Perceived by Company

  • Against firms such as AppRiver and Intermedia:
    • Faster, better, more flexible service.
    • Better consulting services relating to compliance.
  • Against low-cost providers:
    • Better installation and support services.
    • Better consulting services relating to compliance.


  • Privately held; company doesn't disclose revenues.
  • Funded by principals.
  • Profitable.
  • Ferris Research estimates a current run rate of $2M annually, with perhaps a run rate of $500K annually for the Exchange/OCS/SharePoint element.
  • Firm is contemplating a substantial round of financing.

Miscellaneous Comments

  • Company founded in 1997 to do business and technology consulting for SMEs.
  • Quick impression is that the company has a good handle on the hosted messaging business, is focused, and well-run.
  • Loads of competition in the hosted Exchange/OCS/SharePoint space.
  • Like its competitors, BizCom must pay a substantial part of its revenues to Microsoft. Microsoft will have great pressure on it to reduce these fees. Otherwise competitors such as Google have a massive cost advantage.
  • Company anticipates longer-term growth will come via channel sales.

... David Ferris

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  1. Posted September 10, 2008 at 6:37 AM | Permalink

    “Loads of competition” — including Microsoft itself, of course. I wonder what that realization will do to the “substantial round of financing”?

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