Lumigent’s Compliance & Monitoring for Structured Data

In August, Lumigent launched technology that scans databases in order to ensure policy and regulatory compliance.

Technology Summary:

  • Monitors information in structured databases
  • Generates dynamic or report-based alerts if data values exceed range, or more generally if they are inconsistent with pre-defined policy
  • Automatic baselining feature sets initial values to current status
  • Examples of data tracked: salaries in HR database, product sales values
  • Data comes from recovery logs
  • Ability to assess unstructured data in a database is under development. Eg, where a Comments field is scanned fo social security number

Illustrative Pricing:

  • Varies from $50K to $360K depending on company size and complexity of application; plus maintenance

Main Types of Customer, Sales Channels

  • Completely horizontal
  • Sell direct and via ISVs and integrators. The latter can provide professional services during the setup phase

Company & Finances:

  • Founded 1999
  • 40 employees in US, plus 15 in China
  • Currently not profitable
  • Taken $26M in three rounds of financing since 2003. Main investors are Northbridge and Graylock
  • Another round of funding, for $7M, due to close in 4Q08, valuation to be determined
  • Revenues not yet significant

Other Comments:

  • Most compliance tools deal with unstructured data. Eg, scanning emails and instant messages, or files at rest. A tool for structured data makes sense

... David Ferris

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  1. Posted September 19, 2008 at 3:27 PM | Permalink

    Thanks for the write-up, David. Just a few points of clarification:

    We’re launching finished business applications, not technology or tools. That is, end-users can no longer buy the tools or underlying technology to build their own GRC applications. Actually, we’re the first vendor to offer finished business applications for GRC. (Several vendors already address the GRC space for structured data with tools and platforms.)

    In turn, our focus has shifted away from strictly IT to address business executives, including CFOs, business users and operating departments, who want to drive down the costs of meeting GRC requirements as well as increase revenues by addressing good corporate governance.



    John H. Capobianco
    Chairman of the Board
    Lumigent Technologies, Inc.

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