Snapshot: Gogimon — New Type of Search

Gogimon is an interesting new type of search engine.

Technology Summary: Main Features

  • Gogimon software resides on the end user's system.
  • It scans things like browsing history, favorite Web sites, and RSS feeds to determine user preferences.
  • Searches are aggregated and consolidated with Google, Yahoo, MSN Live searches.
  • Gogimon then applies its knowledge of user preferences to return a much shorter, more relevant, and more useful list to the user. For example, if the user enters "BA," then based on its knowledge of user preference, Gogimon can figure out whether the user is referring to Buenos Aires, Bachelor of Arts, British Airways, or Boeing (which has "BA" as its stock symbol).

How Does Gogimon Make Money?

  • Third-party organizations will private-label Gogimon. Examples of prospective private labelers are retailers such as JCPenney, eBay, Bank of America, and Amazon, and any medium to large customer intensive businesses such as cellular carriers, ISPs, financial services organizations, and travel sites.
  • Such organizations distribute Gogimon as a freebie to their customers and prospects.
  • Gogimon often will provide enhanced search to the third party's system; for example, where it would enhance eBay's search into eBay's own transaction database.
  • The third party is charged only when the customer makes a predefined action, such as making a purchase: "PPA," for "Pay Per Action."

Illustrative Pricing

  • Clicking a link within a landing page from Gogimon: $0.30.
  • Name and email address is $1 to $150 per action, depending on industry. For example, $5 for movies, books; $150 for mortgages, cars.
  • Searches resulting in purchase: $10 to $2,000; a small percentage in the transaction.

Main Types of Customer

  • Large organizations, or online retailers.


  • No direct competition.

Competitive Strengths as Perceived by Company

  • More useful results set sent to user.
  • Private-labeling companies provide more useful search over their own databases to users.
  • Private-labeling companies get greater visibility for their offerings.
  • Customers can be charged for Gogimon use when they do something more meaningful than simply click on a link. For example, they can be charged when they purchase a product.

Financial Summary

  • Israeli start-up, launched in 2007.
  • Not yet profitable.
  • Privately held; company doesn't disclose revenues.
  • Raised $1.2 million from private investors, Investica Ltd. (Israel and Europe). Valuation was approximately $5 million pre-money; i.e., the $1.2 million bought about 24% of the company.
  • In 1Q09 company anticipates another round from VCs in Israel and the United States, for $4 million to $6 million; hoping for a valuation of $15 million.
  • 15 staff.

Miscellaneous Comments

  • A nice example of innovation in search technology.
  • User preferences information could be enhanced by the use of additional sources, such as MS Office documents created or viewed by users, and their emails.

... David Ferris

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