Abaca Announces Its First ISP Spam Control Deal

Abaca has successfully sold a version of its Email Protection Gateway product to its first ISP customer. Terra Latin America, Brazil's largest ISP, is rolling out Abaca's product to protect its 12 million users from spam.

Terra will deploy the product in its data centers in Brazil and Miami.

Terra says it evaluated several other products before settling on Abaca. Abaca stated that in testing with Terra, it reached better than 99% effectiveness and 0.1% false positives within "a few days" -- it's in the nature of the technology that it does require some "seeding" before it reaches full accuracy.

As we've previously noted, Abaca's core technology seems to be a good way to automatically generate on-the-fly, per-user whitelists and blacklists, with minimal time delay. It employs a rigorous, statistical approach to this, which we found impressive.

... Richi Jennings

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