Survey: Costs of Microsoft Unified Communications

We're studying the costs of Microsoft-based Unified Communications (UC). If you're using Microsoft's UC functionality -- not just Exchange, but also IM and telephony -- we'd love to hear your responses to these few questions.

You can see what other people are saying too -- see comments further down this page. If you add your own data, we will send you a summary of the findings. Please either post your response as a comment, or if you need anonymity, email it to and we’ll post your response without identifying you or your organization.

Please use your business email address in the comment form if you email us your answers (we don't accept personal email addresses, to discourage fake responses generated to promote a particular vendor).

Many thanks -- David Ferris and Richi Jennings

Costs of Microsoft Unified Communications

Q1. How many users use Exchange Unified Communications in your organization/company? (Include only those using voice functionality with Exchange.)

____total [......] users using voice functionality with Exchange

Q2. How many members of staff do you need to run the Unified Communications service? (Include administrators, operators, and help desk staff; if some are part-time or share duties, please estimate the number of FTEs -- full-time equivalents.)

____total [......] FTEs

Q3. How much was the initial, one-off software purchase cost for the following, including sufficient CALs? (If there is only an annual fee, reply zero.)

  • Windows Server
  • Exchange Server
  • OCS
  • PBX/telephony software
  • Client software: Outlook, Communicator, etc.

____total US$[......]

Q4. How much is the annual cost for that software and the CALs?

____total US$[......] for upgrades/maintenance (e.g., Software Assurance)
____total US$[......] for support, if you have a separate figure not included above

Q5. How much was the initial purchase cost for the server hardware running that software, including any PBX used and including extra Active Directory servers required to support it?

____total US$[......]

Q6. How much do you think that moving to UC will save your organization, in terms of reduced telecom staffing, lower telecom charges, etc.?

____total US$[......] per year

Q7. Rough number of people in your organization/company?

Q8. What is your job title; what do you do?

Q9. What type of business/industry is your organization in?

Q10. Any other comments?

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