Snapshot: Striata’s E-Billing and Presentment

Striata offers an e-billing and payment service.

Technology Summary

  • You send Striata the same file you send to your print provider.
  • The Striata service handles document creation/manipulation, intelligent marketing insertion, and electronic delivery, which is by an emailed PDF document or HTML attachment.
  • PDFs and HTML attachments are encrpyted.
  • The PDFs are navigable and interactive. Customers can pay by interacting directly with the offline document.
  • Striata also provides deliverability services.

Illustrative Pricing

  • $0.05 to $0.20 per document per user delivered to.

Main Types of Customer

  • Financial services firms, telcos, utilities.

Finances, Other Statistics

  • Founded 1998.
  • Sells exclusively through channels. These include:
    • Payment processors, such as Chase Paymentech, Western Union Payment Services, Online Resources.
    • Systems integrators, such as Unisys, BearingPoint.
    • Print providers, such as CSG Systems.
  • Privately held. Ferris Research estimates revenues at $10M to $15M annually.
  • Company says it's growing at 40% to 50% annually.
  • No outside funding; all growth from profits.
  • Profitable.
  • 92 staff.

Other Comments

  • Striata's technology is always used in combination with the end customer's ability to go to a Web site and view account information. That is, the end customer benefits by the push of email-based presentment, but the customer's experience is always augmented by the ability to visit the provider's Web site.
  • Email-based billing makes enormous sense. However, many vendors have tried before in this market, and failed. Striata appears to be doing something right, based on what the company tells us.
  • It's nice that users can interact with the bills, and pay by interacting with bills.

... David Ferris

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