Proginet: Large File Xfer for MS Exchange

Proginet has a variety of file transfer offerings. In July 2008, it launched Slingshot, which is a large file attachment management system for Microsoft Exchange. The company has now announced Slingshot Vault, a ready-to-install, appliance-based version.

Slingshot Vault Technology Summary

  • Large file attachments, say beyond 5 or 10MB, create problems for email systems. For example, they are refused by receiving systems, they slow performance, and they consume WAN bandwidth.
  • Does large file attachment transfer, plus provides de-duplication, an attachment archive, and search.
  • It reduces the bandwidth and storage requirements.
  • Users experience file transfer via normal Outlook interface.
  • No file size limitations.
  • Attachments transferred in parallel conduit to email.
  • Web browser for system management, access to attachment archives.
  • Archiving and search provided via OEM relationship with Intradyn.
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange; Lotus Notes support planned.
  • Sold in appliance form.

Target Customers, Sales Channels

  • Cross-industry application.
  • Direct sales to SMBs and F1000. Sold to smaller organizations via distributors and OEMs (who often white label the product).

Main Competition

Strengths Compared to Accellion as Perceived by Proginet

  • Much more scalable.
  • Attachment archiving, archive search, de-duplication, and tape backup.

Company & Financials

  • Founded 1986.
  • 71 employees.
  • Main business of the company is file transfer software. 30% of revenues come from new licenses; 70% from maintenance.
  • Public company; trading on the OTCBB Securities Market under the symbol PRGF.
  • Revenues YYE 7/31/08 revs--$8.5M, YYE 7/31/07 revs--about $9.5M, YYE 7/31/06 revs--$7.5M.
  • Recent top management changes in order to stimulate revenues, with new president and CEO.
  • Main growth has been through acquisition.
  • Not profitable in FYE 7/31/08.
  • No debt.

... David Ferris

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  1. Serena
    Posted July 28, 2010 at 1:42 PM | Permalink

    Thanks for the post. Could also add Biscom’s large file transfer software to that this.

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  1. […] I recently came across a Ferris Research posting about Proginet’s Slingshot product. Slingshot is apparently an Outlook plugin that strips out large attachments in the background and uses some unspecified method of presenting them to the recipient. I’ve seen numerous issues when large attachments are sent out, making this a common pain point. […]

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