Google’s Email Discovery

On October 8, 2008, Google announced its new Message Discovery, an email archiving service. This is an exciting development and at first sight it appears to be a very good deal. You get 10 years of unlimited email archiving for only $45 per user per year. At the very least, this puts price pressure on many archiving vendors.

One potential problem is that the email retention period is set when you buy your contract and cannot be changed. For example, if you initially purchase three-year retention and then want to increase to five-year retention, including email originally archived, you cannot. The new five-year retention only applies to email archived beginning with the new contract. And you can only have one retention period for all users. Both requirements put severe restrictions on email retention, which may create difficulty should your retention requirements change.

Note that the service requires an in-house email server. If you run Microsoft Exchange and want to archive ALL email, a second Exchange Server is required to host the dedicated journaling mailboxes. The second Exchange server is an expensive add-on and should be included in the total cost.

Additional important details can be reviewed here.

... Bob Spurzem

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