MX Logic: New Archiving SaaS

MX Logic is a well-established email- and Web-filtering SaaS provider. The company has just launched a new email archiving service, replacing its existing offering. In summary:

  • End-user and administrative access via Web browser or Outlook plugin.
  • Import using EML and PST files; export via EML files.
  • Works with Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007, plus POP-accessible email systems.
  • Archiving works through POP/IMAP extract from on-premises message store.
  • System designed to be very simple to use and administer; appears to satisfy this goal, at the understandable expense of some advanced functionality.
  • Various compliance features; e.g., read-only storage, search audit trails.
  • Search based on Lucene, plus Stellent viewers.
  • Pricing: $2/user/month for one year's retention. For each additional retention year, add $0.75/user/month. For example, four-year retention is $4.25/user/month. Volume discounts available. Fee not based on size of storage.

Service differentiation features are:

  • User and administrator friendliness.
  • Very modern, customizable, and user-friendly Web user interface -- much better than most competitors.
  • Friendly contract. No setup fees; month to month contract.
  • Pricing based on retention period and user count, not size of store. Hence pricing is very predictable.

... David Ferris

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