Useful Paper on E-Discovery of Inaccessible Information

I recommend a useful paper from The Sedona Conference, Commentary on Preservation, Management and Identification of Sources of Information that are Not Reasonably Accessible.

This is about the handling of electronic information that's too hard or expensive to retrieve during e-discovery. It's a complex topic, but the paper is easy to read and understand.

The Sedona Conference is a legal working group that has taken the lead on the important topic of electronic information. If you ever want to learn what electronic information needs to be stored and how to manage electronic information for legal discovery, these guys are the experts.

You can download a free copy from The Sedona Conference’s Web site for individual use here.

For me, the most valuable part is the five-step analysis called the Decision Tree for Determining ESI Preservation Obligations. It helps you decide what types of ESI you need to preserve upon notice of litigation or likely litigation.

... Bob Spurzem

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