Microsoft Innovates in the Identity Arena

Over the last couple of years, when acquaintances have moaned that Microsoft is primarily a copycat and not an innovator, I have pointed to the work of Kim Cameron as a primary counterexample. There are others.

The products of Cameron's innovation have been threefold.

  • Two seminal papers:
  • A truly open Microsoft Identity Architecture, which is giving rise to a set of Microsoft Identity products and toolkits that span the gamut from a browser through the Windows desktop, to on-premise Windows Servers and on-premise third-party systems, to the "Cloud." I will write about these in subsequent postings.
  • The Microsoft Open Specification Promise, which is an approach pioneered by Cameron, to render certain Microsoft specifications, whose adoption benefits the wider community, truly open. This replaces Microsoft's previous licensing approach, which was a major roadblock (real or imagined) to adoption (see Sender ID, for example).

... Nick Shelness

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