Microsoft’s Identity Roadmap

In an earlier posting (Microsoft on Identity), I wrote about Kim Cameron’s work on identity. Cameron’s work has given rise to a truly open Microsoft Identity Architecture and a set of emerging Microsoft Identity products and toolkits that span the gamut from a browser, through the Windows desktop, to on-premise Windows Servers and on-premise third-party […]... read more »

EnableTS Turns MSPs into “Email in the Cloud” Providers With their Free Email Management Platform

EnableTS offers US based Managed Service Providers a free Anti-spam / Anti-virus platform to put into the MSP’s DataCenters allowing them to offer their own Hosted Email Management Platform... read more »

CalConnect Roundtable XIV and Interoperability Test Event Registration is now open

CalConnect Interoperability Test Event – 2-5 February
CalConnect Roundtable XIV – 4-6 February... read more »

Caltech Research Group Moves Collaboration to eTouch SamePage Wiki

read more »

GWAVA Keeps the Light On for GWGuardian & M+Guardian Users

New GWAVA partnership program helps GWGuardian & M+Guardian customers run their preferred anti-spam software... read more »