Microsoft’s Identity Roadmap

In an earlier posting (Microsoft on Identity), I wrote about Kim Cameron's work on identity.

Cameron's work has given rise to a truly open Microsoft Identity Architecture and a set of emerging Microsoft Identity products and toolkits that span the gamut from a browser, through the Windows desktop, to on-premise Windows Servers and on-premise third-party systems, to the "cloud."

At this year's Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC 2008), Cameron presented a roadmap for these identity products and toolkits. I will summarize the main points here. For those who wish to do so, Cameron's presentation can be viewed directly.

Cameron basically introduced seven new Microsoft product, service, and framework offerings/capabilities. Some of these already exist. Others will be released over the next 12 months. They include:


  • The "Geneva" Server (the project name "Geneva" will almost certainly change)
  • The "Geneva" Framework
  • Microsoft CardSpace "Geneva"
  • The Microsoft Services Connector

In the Cloud:

  • The Microsoft Federation Gateway (a Live service)
  • .NET Access Control
  • The Live Identity Framework
  • Microsoft Live Identity Services

I will write about these in greater detail in further postings: Microsoft Identity Roadmap - On-Premise and Microsoft Identity Roadmap - In the Cloud.

... Nick Shelness

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