XML Standard for E-Discovery

On Dec 3, 2007, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) group announced its XML standard for e-discovery of electronically stored information. This facilitates the transfer of electronic information (e.g., emails, files, databases) between e-discovery stages, software, and organizations. Without the XML standard, emails, files, and other electronic information are transferred in their native format (e.g., .DOC, .XLS, .MSG) or converted to a standard format such as PDF. With the XML standard all electronic information can be transferred more easily and accurately, providing improved e-discovery.

Over a dozen e-discovery vendors have already certified their products on the new standard and more are expected to follow. EDRM XML support is quickly becoming a standard feature for e-discovery.

You can learn more about the EDRM XML project here.

... Bob Spurzem

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    Thanks for the post – and one point to mention is that even though a dozen or so vendors have “certified” their products, many more are compliant with the schema. Additionally, while certainly a potential standard, it appears many organizations – while understanding the theoretical benefit of the schema – have truly yet to use the it in actual litigation environments. Yes, one or two vocal players have championed this capability, but in a field of 600+ vendors – it is very surprising to see such low acceptance of a potential standard.

    Rob Robinson

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