17a-4’s Useful Archiving and Compliance Tools

17a-4 is a consulting and tools firm that specializes in archiving and compliance. As its name suggests, the company focuses on helping broker-dealers ensure they store information as required by the SEC. Two-thirds of customers are financial services (especially broker-dealers), and one-third are law firms or in-house legal teams concerned with e-discovery.

Fifty percent of 17a-4's business is consulting with financial institutions to develop retention and supervision policies and archive specifications. The rest of the firm's revenue comes from the sale of tools. Two are of particular interest:

  • DataParser captures a variety of message types (emails, instant messages, blogs, FTP transfers, etc.) from Reuters, Bloomberg, MessageLabs, and LiveMeeting for insertion into an archive.
  • ShArc captures a variety of Microsoft application information (e.g., Exchange email, Office documents, OCS messages, SharePoint postings) and stores it in a SharePoint-based archive.

... David Ferris

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