Lotus’ Tight Spam and Virus Control for Notes/Domino

We've been looking at the Lotus Protector Security Platform. This is an email malware solution of much interest to Notes/Domino users:

  • Lotus Protector for Mail Security provides spam and virus control, and protection from other malware attacks such as phishing, denial-of-service, and directory harvesting attacks.
  • Filters email streams.
  • Launched September 2008.
  • Software with VMware support or optional appliance.
  • List price: $59/user for first year, $15.34/user for ensuing years; various discounts apply, including 25% trade-up discount (first year).
  • Future plans:
    • Add support for other Lotus products, including Quickr, Sametime, and Connections.
    • Add products for encryption and data leak prevention.

What's notable about Protector is its tight integration with Notes/Domino:

  • Mid-2009:
    • Filters all email, not just email transiting the Internet boundary.
    • Users access and manage the block list and quarantine within the Notes Client instead of having to go to a Web browser with a different look-and-feel.
  • 2H 2009/early 2010:
    • Similarly, administrators use integrated tools.
    • The encryption will be tightly integrated with that of Notes/Domino. This will allow filtering to be more effective on encrypted messages.

... David Ferris

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